worlds first zero waste cosmetic products from aether beauty are organic, vegan and cruelty free
Aether Beauty zero waste cosmetics

The former head of product & development at multi-billion dollar cosmetic retail giant Sephora has created the worlds first vegan, zero waste makeup products. Founder of Aether Beauty, Tiila Abbot, spent more than 7 years in charge of Sephora collaborations, private label brands and makeup accessories before realizing the wastefulness and ethical dilemmas plaguing the industry. She volunteered to become the head of R&D before starting her own eyeshadow line in 2018. The flagship product created was an organic, zero waste eyeshadow palette free of toxic chemicals while avoiding animal byproducts. Her cosmetics company bans more than 1400 ingredients from their products, far above the mere 11 chemicals that the United States finds unfit for human use (last updated by the nation in 1938). The European Union bans 1300. Focused on sustainability and putting customer wellbeing before profits is where Aether Beauty separates themselves from the competition. 

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Being a vegan for almost a quarter century, Tiila made sure that all animal derived ingredients are also banned from her products. The company uses a combination of natural and synthetic chemicals that are guaranteed safe for human use. There is currently a disturbing sacrifice of animal health in the cosmetic and beauty industry today. Outlined in a study published by Springer Science, the European Commission determined 11.5 million animals were experimented on in the EU during 2011, with the number of animals involved in testing reaching 115 animals annually worldwide. Tiila’s brand avoids animal testing completely and is PETA certified.

To create an organic zero waste beauty line, entire products had to be redesigned from the ground up. Inks are water based soy products and all paper used is sourced from sustainable tree farms. The stunning product packaging that the California based company designed is 100% recyclable and always made from recycled materials. Some Aether Beauty products garner a lot of attention as quality makeup for hooded eyes, but the brand caters to a much wider audience across the industry as a whole.

Environmental and community work

Along with ethical, environmentally friendly zero waste makeup products, the brand goes even further with efforts to support the well being of our planet. 1% of profits sold from each product is donated to charities that represent earth, air, fire, water, and aether. To date, the company has partnered with The Water Project providing clean water to communities in Africa, The Rainforest Foundation helping indigenous people secure land rights, and The Surfrider Foundation helping to clean our oceans. Join the Millennial Online Community today and receive a curated newsletter of the most relevant cleantech and environmental news from around the web each week!


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