It wasn’t that long ago that kids toys were made exclusively from wood. Today, toys like Barbie’s Dream House and Nerf guns bring are super sellers, bringing a ton of joy to kids ranking among the hottest selling products on the planet. One company however, has created dozens of alternatives made from wood (believe it or not) that actually have kids clamoring for them like they’re iPads. A selection of 3D DIY robotic and mechanical STEM toys may very well be the most interesting children’s toys for both kids and parents alike. 

These are not the easiest toys to configure… a little more challenging than Star Wars Lego sets. What you can expect from them though is stimulated creativity and a confidence upon completion that exceeds what kids would receive from any other puzzle or interactive toy.  

Steam punk music boxes can be assembled that resemble robots, or a model of a solar powered wooden space rover. It is very unique to see kids today playing with wood in such a futuristic and mechanical way. Intelligent puzzles that can model video cameras, locomotive trains or blimps will easily inspire the imagination of parents. The suggested age to complete these is around 12 years old, but without adult supervision and assistance I know I wouldn’t have finished these at that age. 

The pendulum clock (here) or the marble runs have got to be the coolest, but definitely not the easiest to put together. Walking, talking dinosaurs and cute kitten flower pots are among some of the simpler toys to make. The DIY dollhouses are incredibly detailed, but be sure to get protective showcase for your creations. 

World renowned architectural structures like the Eiffel Tower (here) cab be reconstructed with these wooden toys, or some musical instruments. Whether there is an interest in airplanes, farm animals or pianos, Robotime literally has a 3D interactive puzzle that will satisfy interests and spark creativity. The time consumed when completing these educational toys is time well spent, creating learning opportunities and offering insights into how things work.

Wood is being used to build more than just toys, from thousand foot tall skyscrapers to t-shirts and everything in between. For weekly updates on new sustainable products and ethical brands that are helping create a more sustainable future for the next generation, join the Millennial Online Community

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