The worlds most sustainable, environmentally friendly water filter jug
The worlds most environmentally friendly water filter jug, with refillable, reusable filter
Phox V2

We don’t use plastic water bottles anymore, even though they house purified, clean mineral water that is so highly sought after. Its not worth it. Tens of billions of them end up in landfills each year, breaking down into micro-plastics and making their way into our oceans. From their they enter our food chain and actually end up inside of our own bodies. Our taps (usually) offer clean drinking water, but often contains chlorine and other contaminant chemicals creating ‘hard’ water. We want alkaline and fresh mineral water in a sustainable way, and to get it we have to turn to filters. The most effective ones available today are both affordable and effective. They are however not the most sustainable and environmentally friendly products you can find.

The current leader in the water filter jug category is Brita which offers a noticeably different taste in your tap water after it flows through its filters and into their plastic jug. You can pick it up on Amazon now for under $30.

What is lacking in the industry is sustainability. More than 100 million cartridges entering a landfill each year (enough to fill 50 jumbo jets), so there’s a huge marketplace for a 100% reusable alternative to go with a jug made from recycled BPA plastic and locally sourced glass. This is why the new Phox V2 is such as hit, reaching their fundraising goals in under 2 days.

The most environmentally friendly water filter jug

The worlds most environmentally friendly water filter is getting an upgrade with the new design after the UK based startup Phox smashed their kickstarter goal by more than 3X.

diagram of a Phox v2 water filter jug
carbon black Phox v2 water filter

There are two different refillable filter packages for the fully reusable cartridge. The first provides the option for clean filtered water, and the second a mineral fueled for an alkaline pH.

two types of Phox refillable cartridge packs

How does a water filter work?

This eco friendly filter contains 5 separate layers. One layer removes the hardness in water, one adds minerals while 3 layers are dedicated to removing contaminants. One gram of carbon has the surface area of 4 tennis courts, so a single coconut shell activated carbon filter found in Phox V2 can absolve mercury, heavy metals and pesticides. 

demonstrating how to change water filter jug refillable cartridge

In fact, 99% of odor/taste, 98% of chlorine, 95% of mercury and 90% of copper and lead are absorbed. Added ION exchange resin is included to add sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium are added at the end of the filtration process to soften the water while retaining maximum hydration effectiveness, unlike most filters that remove electrolytes. The end result is clean and mineral packed.

chart of heavy metals and contaminants that water filter jug removes

Still available to support on IndieGoGo, the seemingly best deal for backers in to pledge the 109 Euros+ that includes a lifetime refill subscription. These refills are the best part of the entire innovation as they were designed to fit in letterboxes that actually come straight through the mail with ease, in addition to the environmental benefits. Most products on the market have trouble getting their cartridges delivered with regular mail. The Phox packets definitely do not.

A beautiful design is accompanied by two color options, carbon black or seal grey. If the company reaches 50k in funding an arctic white option will become available, and at 100k a marine blue alternative. The additional 50-100k may be better spent going entirely towards creating an even more sustainable V3 product or efficient manufacturing/shipping pipeline, but they do look stunning as far as jugs go. 

If you’re looking for just any water filter, you can find the alternatives like Brita or ZeroWater on Amazon and have them delivered to your door. You can order dozens of cartridges each year that will fill ultimately end up in trash cans. We suggest though, you support the most sustainable and environmentally friendly water filter jug that does more for your water, more for the planet, and more for you! Join the Millennial Online Community for our free newsletter offering weekly updates on sustainable brands, ethical products and cleantech that is making the world a better place.


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