Plastic straws and single-use plastics are being banned in locations worldwide at an exciting rate. Starting with individual corporations, entire countries have now implemented steps towards a complete elimination of the trash. Individual states like NY and Vermont have also joined in, making statements with their own green policies. Tens of billions of straws are used each year and are one of the most found plastics on beaches and in oceans. There are companies attempting to clean trillions of plastic particles from our oceans, but it is counterproductive for our society to continue to pollute our waters. We are proudly moving away from these wasteful products by both choice and policy, but there is now a need for substitutes both at home and on the go. After trying out a few options, these are the two best plastic straw alternatives offering high quality, reliable options that are helping on this environmental mission.

The Silicon Straw Bracelet

The straw bracelet is perfect. For less than $10 you can carry a Strawbit silicon straw with you around your wrist whenever you’re on the go. It doesn’t have to be around your wrist either as people get creative and snap these on the straps of their bags, on lanyards and can often be seen hanging inside peoples cars. Can’t get much simpler than this. The benefits of silicon is the long lasting durability of the product as well as resistance to heat and temperature change.

Stainless Steel Full Set

When it comes to value, you can’t go wrong with the zero waste stainless steel Huemankind set. Included is 2 washable, anti-bacterial linen straw bags each with 3 sizes of aesthetically pleasing rainbow hued straws (total of 6 straws), 4 cleaning brushes, and 2 bamboo travel cases. One set can stay at home while the other is used as a travel set. Stainless steel alternative straws are also a very durable option, easy to clean, long lasting and environmentally friendly.

Straws that enter our waterways and environment break down into small plastics being ingested by essentially every living thing on the planet. The best way to protect the ecosystem from the effects of pollution is to reduce our plastic use and replace it with sustainable solutions whether we are talking alternative straws or any other single-use product. The Millennial Online Community is a growing group committed only to being mindful of our environmental impact. Join us for a weekly roundup of sustainable developments, ethical brands and cleantech creating a better future for the next generation.


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