• If this search engine was the size of Google, it could offset global vehicle emissions
  • 1kg of CO2 is removed from the atmosphere with every single search. 
  • 1 tree is planted for every 45 searches
  • Company built solar plant that provides servers with 100% renewable energy
  • Privacy policy includes no third party trackers no reselling of personal data to advertisers

It’s hard to rival google in terms of search result quality, they are incredibly dominant after having gathered so much data over such a long period of time. But, for simple searches there are alternatives that will most certainly provide the results that you are looking for. In fact, more often than not every search made through these alternatives will bring visitors exactly where they wanted to end up. One search engine has an additional benefit that helps the entire well-being of the planet… Ecosia. By using this alternative sear engine you can essentially plant trees for free. So far more than 60 million trees have been planted using profits the ethical startup has earned. For every single search request made through this site, 1kg of CO2 is removed from the atmosphere. That’s right, just search MillennialOnline.com in their browser and you will contribute tremendously in combatting the ongoing climate crisis. For roughly 45 searches made using the site/app the company is able to plant one tree. 

Approximately 53 trees are planted each minute thanks to the 8+ million global users that search the web using Ecosia. Forest replenishing efforts are focused in locations worldwide where there is extreme necessity due to climate change and deforestation. Local communities, wildlife and economies all benefit immensely from the work funded by this Berlin based company. 

Ecosias May financial report displaying where money was spent on reforestation
May financial report // https://www.ecosia.org

Where does Ecosia spend its money?

Every 6 weeks the company publishes their financial report detailing exactly where every cent earned ends up. In May, almost 700,000€ were spent on reforestation efforts. In April they helped to plant 3.4 million trees in Madagascar, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Peru, and Senegal. Prior to that, nearly 500 thousand trees were planted in March between Ghana and Burkina Faso. A portion of proceeds is spent on advertisements and raising awareness, and some money is put aside for future tree planting efforts and ethical investments.

According to their official company website, the trees planted “will each remove 50kg of CO2 during an expected 15 year lifetime. This means that if Ecosia were as big as Google, it could absorb 15% of all global CO2 emissions… enough to offset vehicle emissions worldwide.”

April financial report from Ecosia showing where money is spent and trees are planted
April financial report // Ecosia

This is not the first search engine started by companies CEO Christian Kroll. After traveling through India and Thailand he established Xabbel to fund local charities in Nepal before being forced to abandon the project due to a lack of electricity and internet connectivity available daily. The idea for a world positive, ethical search engine was born, and not lost during those times. Today this search engine runs on servers powered by 100% renewable energy thanks to a company built solar plant. 

Deforestation in Brazil

Over the past 6 months, Brazil has increased deforestation at an unprecedented rate. This July has seen deforestation rise more than 100% compared to the same month of 2018. To counteract this, Ecosia pledged to plant 1 million trees in the next 6 months with the intention to reconnect remaining forest patches along the coastal strip. Current efforts are already underway in the Atlantic Forest where less than 10% of the original forest stands today. 

Privacy is a priority

With online privacy in mind, using Ecosia includes no third party trackers plus your data is not sold to advertisers. You can add the search engine as an extension of your browser, download the official app, or search by visiting the companies website. 

How does Ecosia earn money?

Revenue is generated by serving ads atop the search results. About 0.5 cents (Euro) is earned per search. Working with partners around the world they have been able to get the cost of planting one single tree to about 0.22 EUR or around 0.25 USD. Merchandise sold via the brands online store contributes 100% of profits to reforestation efforts. 20 trees are planted thanks to the sale of a single t-shirt. 

So the next time you want to search the operating hours of a local shop, when your favorite artists new album is being released on Spotify, or how you can plant trees for free from your phone/computer to help save our planet from the effects of climate change, try using Ecosia first. If you want to receive the best weekly roundup of information for the next generation, join the Millennial Online community for our newsletter consisting of the best curated, clean fresh content from around the web. Cleantech, sustainable developments, and ethical brands. Simply enter your email to join!

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