• U.S citizens receive enough junk mail in 10 days to be lined up side-by-side to reach the moon and back
  • Unwanted junk mail contributed over a billion pounds of waste to landfills in one year (Nearly 50% is un-opened)
  • An Apple Top 5 App of the Year unsubscribes users from mail with their smartphone.

Papers, envelopes, insurance offers, supermarket flyers and past magazine subscriptions from previous tenants or homeowners… this is all unnecessary junk mail that ends up sorted than tossed in a recycling bin. Unsubscribing from these is traditionally a nightmare process resulting in most people accepting the environmental ‘hit’ associated with the task of sorting through clusters of paper. It is important that we are mindful of the number of trees we chop down and the natural resources we waste. Stopping junk mail from being delivered is the first step to saving more trees!

The average U.S. household received 6 pieces of junk mail each day. In only 10 days, that is enough paper to be lined up side-by-side to reach the moon and back. Much of this junk mail was delivered in wasteful and heavy envelopes or laminated papers resulting in over a billion pounds of wasted paper sent to a landfill annually. Nearly half of that mail arrives at the landfill un-opened!

One BILLION pounds of paper wasted for no good reason?

With the current climate crisis and habitat loss affecting all seven continents of the earth, it is unacceptable to be this wasteful. Hundreds of millions of trees are destroyed for literally no value to society. A huge positive impact can be made by preventing and refusing junk mail that is sent to us.


Aside from the ethical and environmental benefits, I would pay money just to not have to sort through this unsolicited trash, and that’s actually where PaperKarma comes in. Apple previously named it one of the top 5 apps of the year and for an exceptionally good reason. For a mere $1.99 a month or $19.99 annually, the startup offers a service (only available in the U.S) that has unsubscribed users from more than 8 million junk mailings and catalogs. In a few simple steps, users point and click their smartphone camera and submit the mail whether it’s from direct marketers, credit offers or catalogs.

The clean tech company unsubscribes a wide range of junk mail and is an extremely useful tool. While it can’t completely eliminate the problem, PaperKarma does help significantly. Hundreds of millions of unnecessary trees are being chopped down for unwanted mail, a serious environmental problem that we can certainly solve. There is a free non-profit alternative, CatalogChoice, that unsubscribes users from mail although it does not share the same effectiveness. Former CMO of Blog spot, Mike Volpe, wrote a 2008 blog post highlighting more shocking statistics.

New clean tech developments mean Wood Is Being Used to Build Just About Everything, from t-shirts to thousand foot tall skyscrapers… and anything in between. Trees can be put too much better use for our community and the environment as a whole. Subscribe to the Millennial Online Community to receive weekly updates of new sustainable developments and ethical products that are creating a better future for the next generation

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