• Providing up to 6 months of fresh drinking water to villages with every purchase
  • Map displaying local shops offering free water refill stations inside.
  • An unsustainable 1 million plastic bottles are purchased every minute
  • More than 200 BILLION plastic bottles have been used so far this year

Being mindful of our environmental impact while supporting a healthy environment has never been easier with clean, ethical, and sustainably focused tech applications available today. Startups are innovating solutions to reduce the amount of water we waste and eliminate single-use plastic water bottles.

‘Tap’ uses technology to find users fresh clean drinking water

If you want people to stop using plastic bottles, you’ve got to make sure they have water available to refill their sustainable bottles. The ‘Tap’ app found on both iOS and Android offers the essential features so that everyone out on-the-go with a smart phone and a water bottle will always be able to keep it full. It’s a real buzzkill when you run out of water and have to search for a public building or a coffee shop to awkwardly ask if they can refill your bottle. Or worse, can’t find a place on the way.

Opening the app loads an interactive map displaying local businesses and shops who offer free water refill stations inside. By actively promoting the reduction of plastic water bottle usage benefits the participating store by increasing foot traffic and brand image.

Information includes distance away, hours of operations and directions with options for chilled, filtered, sparkling and/or flavored water.

This tool is incredibly useful when you’re in both familiar and unfamiliar places, either out for a run or driving through the city because tens of thousands of locations are signed up with Tap. The need for buying plastic water bottles is gone, and there’s no longer an excuse for their use.

At the current rate, “the amount of single-use plastic ending up in our oceans will outweigh fish by 2050.” Over 1 million water bottles are purchased per minute and more than 75% of them will make their way into our oceans. The United Nations estimates nearly 10 million tons of plastic enter our oceans each year.

Tap sells a really great kit that comes with not only a quality reusable water bottle, but two metal straws, a tote bag and more together valued at $70 for only $55.

The best 100% recyclable, sustainable water bottle – Yuhme!

If you’re in the market for just a quality water bottle however, I’d have to recommend an entirely different brand Yuhme! This ethical company sells 100% recyclable, stunningly designed sugarcane water bottles. With the purchase of each bottle the company donates at least 3 months of fresh drinking water to villages in the Central African Republic. So far the Swedish brand has provided more than 40 thousand months of water.

Cleaning up our oceans

The vast majority of this plastic debris ends up in concentrated ‘garbage patches’ like that of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch where 1 trillion particles can be found. Thankfully there are projects like ‘the Ocean Cleanup’ helping to clean the some 80,000 metric tons of plastic that has collected there. The goal of that project is to deploy the systems to remove up to 50% of the plastics every 5 years. Join the Millennial Online Community for more clean fresh content.

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