Vertical farm startup Infarm has sprouted tall recently, closing a $100 million series B round to further spread their roots. This Berlin clean tech company is focusing on creating a sustainable food system, one that doesn’t waste over 30% of the global food supply. Their modular farms are designed with scalability in mind and are located in the heart of urban areas of Germany, France, and Switzerland. By growing fresh, organic, local grown pesticide free produce right next door to residents, you remove a huge percentage of the environmental costs. How long until AI is picking your vegetables in a warehouse before a drone delivers it to your door, fresher than ever.

Today the company is harvesting more than 150,000 plants each month for retailers such as Amazon Fresh and Metro. The new cash will be used to expand the brand into the U.K, U.S, and Japan.

The vertical farms are monitored over the cloud and are constantly kept at ideal growing conditions for 365 days a year. Parsley, crystal lettuce, basil, Egyptian lavender, and scarlet Kale are some of the fresh greens that Infarm grows for their customers. The opportunity for oxidization and food waste is dramatically reduced since transport time is cut down to only a few miles instead of hundreds or thousands. 

Infarm is not the only clean tech startup that is making headlines. Ripple Foods, producer of the Ultimate Alternative Dairy and Protein Products, use pea protein to tackle the sustainable food system by reducing GhG emission to up to 83% of standard alternatives. Pea protein uses 25X less water than traditional dairy and 6X less than almond milk. 

Due to government action plans and commitments to reduce our carbon footprint, sustainably operating businesses are growing faster than ever. Join the Millennial Online Community to stay informed with information for the next generation.

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