The Most Environmentally Friendly Water Filter Jug Smashes Fundraising Goals

We don’t use plastic water bottles anymore, even though they house purified, clean mineral water that is so highly sought after. Its not worth it. Tens of billions of them end up in landfills each year, breaking down into micro-plastics and making their way into our oceans. From their they enter our food chain and […]

A Reusable, Sustainable Lunch Box to Replace Takeout Containers

The next time you’re in the office during lunch hour, walking through a local market or out in a public park, take look at the people eating around you. The food many people choose to snack on seems more often than not to be held in some sort of single use takeout container. This wasteful […]

Plant Trees For Free By Using This Search Engine

If this search engine was the size of Google, it could offset global vehicle emissions 1kg of CO2 is removed from the atmosphere with every single search.  1 tree is planted for every 45 searches Company built solar plant that provides servers with 100% renewable energy Privacy policy includes no third party trackers no reselling […]

Tree Planting Technology Growing Trees in the Harshest Deserts

Tree planting technology for climate change, ending poverty, feeding communities and creating jobs Devices to ensure tree/crop growth under the most extreme conditions Trees planted in an area that received no rain for 2 decades grew 2 meters in a single year +90% tree survival rate using 90% less water Cleantech company named a National […]

Worlds First Zero Waste Makeup Products – Created By Sephoras Former Head of R&D

The former head of product & development at multi-billion dollar cosmetic retail giant Sephora has created the worlds first vegan, zero waste makeup products. Founder of Aether Beauty, Tiila Abbot, spent more than 7 years in charge of Sephora collaborations, private label brands and makeup accessories before realizing the wastefulness and ethical dilemmas plaguing the […]

9 Invasive Animals You Had No Idea Live Wild in the United States

People cross the globe to catch glimpses of zebras, parrots, crocodiles, monkeys and many more exotic animals that, believe it or not, live wild in the United States of America. Here are 9 wild animals that most people have no idea can be found in America. Lion Fish There are two nearly indistinguishable species of […]

Dangers of Climate Change Include Threatening Invasive Animals, Bacterias and Viruses

An increase in breeding sites for mosquitoes, water contamination, toxic algal blooms and rodent abundance Temperature increase of just 2-3 degrees will expose millions more globally to malaria alone Melting ice releasing viruses frozen in permafrost for thousands of years You’ve probably already come across our article detailing what your cities future climate will look […]

Here is How Climate Change Will Impact the City You Live In

The worlds climate is a difficult concept to model, and until now it has been a challenge to get an accurate picture of how climate change will impact the city you live in. Scientists from the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science have developed an interactive map detailing top estimates of what the climate […]

Autonomous Delivery Robots Now Share the Sidewalks With You

Watch where you’re stepping, because friendly autonomous delivery robots are now roaming the sidewalks with you. They are called KiwiBots, produced by Kiwi Campus and today more than 150 of these semi-autonomous machines have delivered some 35,000 orders to university campuses and surrounding communities. First developed in Medellin, Columbia at the kitchen table using an […]

How a Tax on the Pet Industry Could Save Our Planet

Almost $80 BILLION is spent on the U.S pet industry annually, up $10 billion from 2018’s total of around $69 billion. The American Pet Products Association (APPA) says that pets are now in more than 85 million American households, and millennials have recently overtaken baby boomers as the largest demographic of pet owners. So here […]

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